Zeitgeist Gallery
1819 21st Avenue South
Nashville, TN 37212


1995 Master of Fine Arts, Painting and Drawing, The University of Georgia

1991 Bachelor of Fine Arts, The University of Arkansas


2014 Reverberations, LYNDON HOUSE ART CENTER, Athens, GA

2014 The ...of E6, GEORGIA MUSEUM OF ART, Athens, GA

2014 Outsiders and Nomads, ZEITGEIST GALLERY, Nashville, TN

2014 Outsiders, UNIVERSITY OF NORTH GEORGIA, Dahlonega, GA

2011 The Contemporary Figure, SWAN COACH HOUSE GALLERY, Atlanta, GA

2010 At The Edge of Eden, UNIVERSITY OF ARKANSAS, Fayetteville, AR

2010 Moments In Time, GAINSVILLE STATE COLLEGE, Gainsville, GA

2009 Figures In Form, LAMAR DODD SCHOOL OF ART, UGA, Athens, GA

2009 Figures In Landscapes, ZEITGEIST GALLERY, Nashville, TN

2009 One Person Show/Director's Choice, OCAF SOUTHWORKS, Watkinsville, GA

2008 One Person Show, CINÉ, Athens, GA

2007 One Person Show , JENKINS JOHNSON GALLERY, New York, NY

2007 New Hudson 3, VAN BRUNT GALLERY, Beacon, NY


2006 Art Chicago, ZEITGEIST GALLERY, Chicago, IL

2006 Gender, LASCANO GALLERY, Great Barrington, MA

2006 Group Show, ANN NATHAN GALLERY, Chicago, IL

2006 One Person Show, CATSKILL GALLERY, Saugerties, NY

2005 One Person Show, ZEITGEIST GALLERY, Nashville, TN

2005 Nobody Paints, NOBODY WORKS, New York, NY

2004 Group Show, ZIPPER, Los Angeles, CA

2004 Ritual, ZEITGEIST GALLERY, Nashville, TN

2003 One Person Show, ZIPPER, Brooklyn, NY

2002 One Person Show, MERCURY ART WORKS, Athens, GA

2002 Contemporary Narrative, MORRIS MUSEUM OF ART, Augusta, GA

2002 Artists Respond to War, ATHICA (Athens Institute for Contemporary Art) Athens, GA

2001 Group Show, FAY GOLD GALLERY, Atlanta, GA

1999 The Uncommercial, LA LUZ DE JESUS GALLERY, Los Angeles, CA

1998 Images of Faith, BLUE SPIRAL ONE, Asheville, NC

1998 Two Person Show, SOMERHILL GALLERY, Chapel Hill, NC

1998 Painting in the New South, UNIVERSITY OF ARKANSAS, Little Rock, AR

1997 Fear Not Forever, WINTHROP UNIVERSITY, Rock Hill, SC

1997 Athens Underground, FAY GOLD GALLERY, Atlanta, GA


1997 Spotlight for the Southern Artist, THE TRINITY SCHOOL ART AUCTION, Atlanta, GA

1996 Auto Art Invitational, J&P GALLERY, Dana Point, CA

1996 One Person Show, SMITH GALLERY, Atlanta, GA

1996 Five Ring Circus Exhibition, Athens/Atlanta, GA

1995 One Person Show, SMITH GALLERY, Atlanta, GA

1995 Alumni Invitational, UNIVERSITY OF ARKANSAS, Little Rock, AR

1995 Masters of Fine Arts Candidates Exhibition, Georgia Museum of Art, Athens, GA

1995 The American Landscape, TRINITY ARTS GROUP, Atlanta, GA

1994 Images of Faith, BLUE SPIRAL ONE, Asheville, NC

1994 Angels, TRINITY ARTS GROUP, Atlanta, GA


2014 Motorcycle In Landscape, HARPER'S MAGAZINE, Sept.

2014 Doerschuk, B., Ramble On, NASHVILLE ARTS MAGAZINE, March

2011 The Holy Ghost Story, ANCIENT COUNTRY WISDOM, CD cover

2010 Sasser, P., Boundary Markers, THE OXFORD AMERICAN magazine, art, issue 70, 2010

2010 Back Into the Garden, THE SOUTHEAST REVIEW, cover/artwork, volume 28, #1

2009 Trespassing in Eden, THE GEORGIA REVIEW, cover/artwork, article, Spring

2008 Coover, R., White-Bread Jesus, HARPER'S MAGAZINE, December

2008 Radford, C., Terry Rowlett Talks About Death, Bosch, and Painting Dark Developments, CREATIVE LOAFING ATLANTA, November

2008 Dark Developments, VIC CHESNUTT, CD cover

2008 The Empties, THE EMPTIES, CD cover

2007 Pasulka, N., Friends and Family, THE MORNING NEWS, June 25

2006 Back to the Web, ELF POWER, CD cover art

2006 On The Cover, CHRONOGRAM, article/cover, August

2006 Wilson, B., The New Regionalism, CHRONOGRAM, May

2005 McKibben, B., The Christian Paradox, HARPER'S magazine, August

2005 Maddox, D., The Renaissance Goes South, NASHVILLE SCENE, June 30

2004 Hollinger, D., Among the Believers, HARPER’S magazine, November

2004 Sun Tangled Angel Revival, KEVN KINNEY, CD Cover

2003 Juxtapoz Gallery #42, JUXTAPOZ magazine, February

2003 Lessard, L., Scenes of Everyday Life, ATHENS MAGAZINE, February

2003 Newman, Questioning Culture, LONGMAN PUBLISHERS

2001 Jordan-Phillips, J., Losing His Religion, MARQUEE magazine

2001 Pollan, M., What Sweetness Was, HARPER’S magazine, May

2001 Saltz, L., Rise Again, ART PAPERS

2001 Major Organ and the Adding Machine, ELEPHANT 6 RECORDING, CD cover

2000 The Good Nurse, FIVE EIGHT, CD cover

2000 Buck Fifty Dell, MOBWAY, CD cover


2000 Faith and Doubt in Kentucky, THE OXFORD AMERICAN, July

2000 Flight Out of Egypt, TIMES LITERARY SUPPLEMENT, LONDON TIMES, February 25

1999 Images of Faith, THE GEORGIA REVIEW, cover/artwork, Fall

1999 Link, M., Elephant 6: The Muse Grows Up, FLAGPOLE magazine

1998 Visions of R.E.M., THE OXFORD AMERICAN

1998 Phillips-Jordan, J., One Man’s Vision, MARQUEE magazine

1998 Wexler, L., Hip and Holy, THE OXFORD AMERICAN, cover/article, January

1998 Moses Unchained, UNIVERSITY OF GEORGIA PRESS, cover

1998 Peacock, L., Southern Painters Alive and Well, ARKANSAS TIMES, January 23

1997 Wexler, L., Hip and Holy, GEORGIA MAGAZINE, December

1997 Special Issue on Religion, THE OXFORD AMERICAN, October

1997 Mystic Images, HARPER’S BAZAAR, Italia, February

1996 Five Ring Circus Tour, SPIN MAGAZINE, CD graphics, December

1996 Link, M., Jesus was a Rebel, JUXTAPOZ magazine, May

1996 Cullum, J., Opposite Approaches, THE ATLANTA JOURNAL CONSTITUTION, September

1995 Cullum, J., Three Shows Considered Being, THE ATLANTA JOURNAL CONSTITUTION, September


2006 Adjunct Professor, The University of Georgia, Cortona, Italy

2004 Artist in Residence, Glynwood Center, Cold Springs, New York

1998-2001 Adjunct Professor, The University of Georgia, Athens, Georgia

2000 Independent Research, Santiago De Compostela, Spain

1999 Artist in Residence, The University of Georgia, Cortona, Italy

1997 Archaeological Fieldwork, Hebrew University, Tel Rehov, Israel

1990 Study Abroad, The University of Georgia, Cortona Italy